Inhibit Slipping Behavior in PFC3D

Is there a way to prevent sliding (or inhibit slipping behavior) in the Hertz model for a clump in PFC3D Version 7, other than by increasing the friction coefficient?

Hello awbrandt,

To inhibit the entire contact you can use the contact inhibit command. But if you wish to just inhibit the shear behavior of the contact, I would guess setting the friction to a large value would be the best option.

– Derrick

Hello dblanksma,
I am a 3DEC demestrate-mode user and master of civil engineering, in PFC, you can use the contact inhibit command to inhibit the uninterested contact, if this command or similar command can be used in 3DEC5.2 or 7.0 to to inhibit the uninterested contact? I am sincerely looking forward to your kind reply!

Hello @uncleyuan,

I am not aware of a command in 3DEC that is similar to contact inhibit. Please post this question in the 3DEC category (3DEC - Itasca Software Forum)