Open PFC with Windows Command Prompt

Hey everyone,

I want to build a model consisting of separate models from the two software programs Abaqus and PFC. Therefore, I want to open the two programs over the windows command prompt. Does anybody have an idea if it’s possible and how to make it work.
Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Nick,

In general, it is possible to open any software via cmd as follows:


"C:\Program Files\Itasca\ItascaSoftware900\exe64\pfc3d900_gui.exe" *ENTER*

Alternatively, change to the corresponding directory (cd) and then run the .exe:

cd "C:\Program Files\Itasca\ItascaSoftware900\exe64\" *ENTER*

"pfc3d900_gui.exe" *ENTER*

To load a script at the same time, the software must be called first and then the script file:

"*PathToExe*" "PathToScript"

"C:\Program Files\Itasca\ItascaSoftware900\exe64\pfc3d900_gui.exe" "C:\Users\*username*\Desktop\Skipt.dat" *ENTER*

If you want to execute the script, it is probably best to use a batch (.bat) or, even better, a power shell (.ps1) file. There you have the possibility to run the software, open the script and automate keystrokes with SendKeys (Ctrl+E executes the script in PFC3D).

You can find out how SendKeys works here:


Hi Nils,

thank you very much for the helpful information! That answers my question at first. I’ll have a deeper look at SendKeys when I’ll further execute my idea.