Overlap taking place

I am simulating the slope, but there are some serious overlapping taking place.

I already used ‘block delete’ to delete the overlapping blocks.Now I am thinking is there any FISH codes to remove this overlapping problems other than delete blocks?
I also tried using block tolerance 1e-3 and the edge tolerance 1e-8 to reduce the overlap. Even the overlapping blocks size are large.
file.zip (7.6 KB)

What else can be done? Thank you

I am working on it. It took many hours to re-run the code.
Can you tell me at about what number of cycle the overlapping is happening, I can go from there to verify the solution to this problem.


I am very sorry that let you waiting for so long. Please help me again.

I’m not sure why you are turning off the damping. This causes the blocks to move quickly in unpredictable ways. If you want a true dynamic solution, use MODEL CONFIG DYN. This will also turn off the mass density scaling and will give more accurate moments of inertia for the blocks. Just turning off the damping will give weird results.

Probably you don’t need a dynamic solution for this problem. Just using the default damping seems to work OK.

Ok, I understand. Thank you so much.