Rock Cutting PFC2D

Hello, Everyone

I am just learning to use PFC2D software. have anyone done a rock cutting process like this video PFC2D Rock Cutting (Dry case) - YouTube?
Is anyone have any documents/tutorials on how to do that? I have seen PFC documentation on Itasca website but I can not find anything.

Best regards, Sauki

Hi Sauki. Following is a link to an excerpt on our website which may be of use - PFC (Particle Flow Code): Rock Cutting Excerpt | Itasca International

Hello KMeerwald,
Thankyou so much for your reply,

I have seen the document that you mention it. But the problem that i did not understand is how to make the script for that Rock Cutting Process, can you help me where do i get the tutorial script for that process? Or do you have a contact or an email that capable of to help me solve the problem?

Thaks indeed for your time and help,