PFC2D tutorial pdf document

Dear all,

Can I get a PFC2D tutorial pdf document? So that I can learn the software more easily.

Thank you.

Hello Syani,

To my knowledge only the online documentation exists for PFC - PFC — PFC 7.0 documentation.
Is there a particular reason you want a pdf?

Hi Derrick,

Thank you for your reply.
I think it’s easier for me to learn something by printing the file. But it’s okay if you don’t have one. The online tutorials are great too, maybe I’ll just print that out.

Thank You.

Hi Syani,

ICG have available the following resources which may be of assistance:

There are also plans of presenting a ‘Getting Started with PFC’ webinar this year. Timing is still to be determined and the website will have all the details.

Dear KMeerwald,

I appreciate the information you have shared. I will check the link you provided.
I will also check the upcoming webinar on the website later.