Shear Strength Reduction vs Limit Equilibrium

Nice article on this from Rocscience here.

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I’m new to this forum which prevents me from creating new topics. I figured out I could post my question regarding FLAC/SLOPE here.

The Itasca website states that FLAC/SLOPE can be used to run pseudostatic slope analysis, but I can’t find how. Since failure surface aren’t imposed to the model, I don’t understand how to apply an horizontal force that suppose to represent an earthquake.

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Go to HELP->PDF manuals, open the FLAC/Slope Users’ Guide manual: Section:1.4.7 Pseudostatic Analysis.

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Thanks for your answer @jwang. I updated FLAC/SLOPE to the last version. I now have access this section 1.4.7 of the manual.

I ran a few analysis and I’m wondering if the given displacement associated with the FoS are realistic. I used FLAC instead of FLAC/SLOPE to run the analysis and corrected the default modulus given by FLAC/SLOPE with realistic values.

I read in the manual that the FoS is associated with a state of non-equilibrium which leads me to think that the displacement could be larger as the failure progresses…

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