Stability analysis after the flow-mechanical coupled analysis with NorSand

I have conducted a fully coupled flow-mechanical analysis by using NorSand for tailings during the construction stages. At the end of the construciton, I would like to run a stablity analysis for the tailings dams, I have checked the manual that FLAC uses strength reduction method via comment “SOLVE fos” for the stability analysis, but it seems it only applies to Mohr-coulomb, Ubiquitous-Joint Material, Hoek-Brown Material. Could I add the commend “SOLVE fos” direclty for the stability analysis or I should switch the NorSand model into MC for tailings again to run the stability analysis?

You have to switch the model to MC to run FoS calculations, as SOLVE FOS does not support NorSand model.

Hi Wang,
thank you for your reply. How can I switch the model to MC, I mean the tailings could probably liquefy at the end of construction and then how can I determine the equivalent c and phi used in MC for the tailings?
thank you,