Top tips and hidden gems

Recently I’ve changed a couple of settings that make a huge difference on a day-to-day basis:

  • was notified about the automatic save state file compression through Tools > General > Compress new save files and result files
  • set up my editor in a pseudo dark mode through Tools > Editor and altering the background and syntax colours

What other top tips, setting changes or not-so-obvious functionality would others recommend utilising, which you take for granted once enabled?


It is just a view setting so what is your question?
Changing the display settings will not be a problem.

Everyone probably knows this one already, but clicking on a command in a data file and hitting Ctrl-space to see the keywords is super-handy. Or hitting F1 to see the help.


Use “Run Selection” to run a snippet of code from a data file. Right-click the selected code and choose “Run Selection” (Ctrl-Shift-E).

I also appreciate being able to use the up/down arrows when the command line is selected to scroll through recently typed (and run) commands.


Did you know you can add custom colors to your model plots? Just select a color from the Color-List for a Plot-Item to bring up the color settings dialog. Then right-click one of the empty color boxes and enter the color’s Hex # or RGB code. You can also save this to your custom color list (before clicking OK) for future use.

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I just learned a new one. Fish function file.all. See here file.all — FLAC3D 7.0 documentation (

You can dump a list to a file with a single line. For example, if you have a list of strings called lines, you can just do this:
[file.all(‘test.txt’,‘text’) = lines]

Even better, you can use splitting to easily dump out data. For example, if you want to dump all gridpoint pore pressures to a file, you can do this:
[file.all(‘test.txt’,‘text’) = gp.pp(::gp.list)]


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