UDEC - Contact length increase atomatically when smaller DFN intersected with Trigon

I established a lab-scale specimen model, 5cm wide and 10cm high. The model is jointed through Trigon. The average size of trigon is 0.25cm. Then I introduced DFN, which intersected with Trigon. Size of DFN ranges from 0.14cm to 3.69 cm. I found that the DFN contact length increases atomatically becasure it always intersected with the adjacent Trigon contact. As shown in the below figure, the increased contact is in red. Do you know why the DFN fracture increases? Thanks.

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The contacts have to terminate at another contact, hence DFN projection continues until intersecting trigon.

Assign infinitely high properties to the red portions and whilst they exist in your model as “construction joints” from building the model, they should not affect the results?