Why is "coupling-cohesion-shear-residual" not activated when the liner fail in tension

According to the Manual, “If the liner fails in tension, then the effective cohesion drops to the residual value …”. However, in my analysis, I found the links have failed in tension (normal stress = 0), but oddly, the mobilised shear stress along the liner is still similar to the “coupling-cohesion-shear”, instead of “coupling-cohesion-shear-residual”. Has anyone had similar issue?

Dear FLAC3D_GEO: I have performed a simple test model, and confirmed that the code is behaving as stated in the manual, namely that {the interface shear stress on a liner is initially limited by the cohesion, and then after the liner fails in tension, the interface shear stress drops to the residual cohesion, and is thereafter limited by the residual cohesion.}. I have a slide set, a data file, and the project file to share with you, but there does not seem to be anyway that I can attach them here. Thus, send me an email {dpotyondy@itascacg.com}, and I will send them to you.

Thank David very much for the help!
For everyone’s information - you won’t have the issue discussed here if you do not use “coupling-yield-normal = 0”. It will work as long as “coupling-yield-normal > 0”.