Working of User Defined Constitutive Model

Hi there,
I guess some of you have worked on creating User-Defined Constitutive Models using C++ UDM add-in. I was able to configure and install VS2010 and add the DLL file into the FLAC. But on adding a code line of model example, the properties are not initialised/took by the code. If possible, can the following doubts be conveyed. It would be very helpful for me:

  1. Do we need a Release version oF Debug version of the DLL file for the example Constitutive Model created?
  2. The basic example already available has Mohr-Coulomb model written inside. If I wanted to work with the same, I started with
    config cppudm
    model load ‘modelexample005_64.dll’
    and then the following code:

    This is the error which I get:
    The properties are not being added.
    What should be done?
    Please convey
    Thank you

Since the model ‘example’ was a CPP built model, you have to use z_prop() fish function to extract the properties from the zones. Please see the following post for more details: