Use z_model(),z_prop() and z_group(). to access model and properties

1.To access CPP (CPP built-in and CPPUDM) models and their properties:
z_model() to return or modify model name. e.g. if z_model(i,j)=‘finn’
z_prop() to access property name. e.g. _fric=z_prop(i,j,‘friction’)

To access other models and their properties:
model() to get the constitutive model number. e.g. if model(i,j)= 3 ;Mohr-Coulomb model
A list of models on page 2-43 of Fish Reference manual.

 To access model properties, use the property name directly. e.g. _coh= cohesion(i,j).

2 To access group name

Use: z_group() to assign or return a group name. e.g. if z_group(i,j)=‘clay1’