Wrong direction of displacements

Hello everyone, I’m performing an excavation of a rock slope, I build the model, assigned material characteristics, assigned joins properties then I applied the in-situ stresses, assigned the boundary conditions to the supports, applied the gravity, when I run for the first time the stresses are ok, some displacements are developed (but I reset them in the next step), but the problem is when I perform the first excavation the displacements goes all the way up and the values are relatevely low. I need to know if there is anything wrong o something I missed to assign.

I’'l put some pictures for reference:

  1. System with different materials and discontinuity properties:

  2. Displacements after first run (reset to 0)

  3. Displacements after 1st excavation

Thanks for your attention

You did not provide any information on what you actually did (what commands etc.), so it is hard to help you.

However, given your images everything seems to occur as expected. You solve the whole square model and when you excavate the load on top is suddenly missing, so the model reacts with an elastic upward relaxation.

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