About the coupling of FLAC3D and PFC3D

Dear all. I was focusing on modeling stress wave propagation by coupling Flac3D and PFC3D. There were two ways: zone-ball coupling and zone-wall coupling. The way of zone-ball coupling worked well in modeling wave propagation. However, I met a problem when using the zone-wall method. If the model with balls surrounded by zones in 5 directions (the first figure), it worked well. It will go wrong if the model with balls touching zones on one face (the second figure). Can you tell me how to deal with this problem?


Dear Hansenn,
can you please provide us with the scripts that you used so that we can have a look in more detail as well as a brief explaination what exactly “goes wrong”.
You can send them to software@itaca.de

Thank you.


Dear Nils
I want to send you the scripts. But the email is returned for an unknown reason. Is there any other email address?

Ups, sorry. There was a typo. Of course the email is software@itasca.de