Accumulated plastic strain

Hi all, Does anyone know: how to plot accumulated plastic strains in 3DEC? Reference picture from a paper is attached. Well, here the example attached is for the strain-softening (s-s) mat model. Would it be possible for the HB model too?


Hi @VijayKiranKota ,

Which 3DEC version are you talking about? In any case, just look at the documentation of the constitutive model in the manual and you will quickly find, that e.g. the strain-softening model has the property strain-shear-plastic (in 3DEC7), which you can plot. Hoek-Brown has similar properties to view accumulated strains, if I remember correctly. Again, the documentation of each constitutive model has a list of all available properties for evaluation.

Hi Markus, Thanks for your response.
I am using 3DEC version 5.2. In the zone list/ attributes, I could not find shear-strain-plastic. Here I have attached the screenshot of the same. Any idea?



Zones → ColorScale → Property

The plot item will then have a drop-down menu of all the properties you can plot.
In 3DEC 5.2 the property name for the plastic shear strain might be different, but you should easily be able to figure it out. Again, all valid property names are described in the manual which you can consult from the Help.

Thanks again, Markus. Will check it out and get back on this.