Plane-stress method

Hi all, I wonder how to use plane-stress configuration with Hoek-Brown constitutive model for blocks. It seems like the command block config plane-stress is only applicable to the elastic and strain-softening models.

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Hi Jia, we’ll get back to you soon. Regards, David

Thanks a lot David :slight_smile:

Hi Jia. As you suggest, the plane-stress capability does not include the Hoek-Brown model. If you would like to use the Hoek-Brown model in plane-stress, you would need to modify the C++ codes for that model, take the out-of-plane strain into account and create your own UDM. Regards, David

Hi David, thanks a lot for the information. Just another quick question, when the model configuration is set to plane stress, and block (strain-softening model) is used to run a simulated unconfined compression test, the strain rate in zz still cannot be plotted as block state. I wonder if it is the correct method to plot out-of-plane strain change. Or I did not correctly set the plane- stress configuration. Many thanks, Jia.

Hi Jia. I’ll find out how to do this (or if it’s possible) and get back to you. Regards, David