Plane-stress method

Hi all, I wonder how to use plane-stress configuration with Hoek-Brown constitutive model for blocks. It seems like the command block config plane-stress is only applicable to the elastic and strain-softening models.

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Hi Jia, we’ll get back to you soon. Regards, David

Thanks a lot David :slight_smile:

Hi Jia. As you suggest, the plane-stress capability does not include the Hoek-Brown model. If you would like to use the Hoek-Brown model in plane-stress, you would need to modify the C++ codes for that model, take the out-of-plane strain into account and create your own UDM. Regards, David

Hi David, thanks a lot for the information. Just another quick question, when the model configuration is set to plane stress, and block (strain-softening model) is used to run a simulated unconfined compression test, the strain rate in zz still cannot be plotted as block state. I wonder if it is the correct method to plot out-of-plane strain change. Or I did not correctly set the plane- stress configuration. Many thanks, Jia.

Hi Jia. I’ll find out how to do this (or if it’s possible) and get back to you. Regards, David

Hi Jia. UDEC does not store strain information. The FISH functions and plots get the strains from back calculation using the grid point displacements. UDEC also does not store z direction displacements or velocities, so there is no way to get z strains from UDEC. Regards, David