Adding mass to structural elements or nodes in FLAC3D


Is there any way to add mass, which is to be employed in dynamic analysis, to structural elements or nodes in FLAC3D other than by increasing the density of elements artificially?

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See the FISH intrinsic: struct.node.mass.added

Thank you very much.

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I used the fish function given above in the following piece of code.


Although I can observe the increase in response clearly due to the additional mass, I cannot see the amount of real mass value used in the analysis. The figures given below show the mass values (the same values before adding the new mass) calculated due to the density of the element even after the analysis.

How can I visualize the real mass (the mass from density + the additional mass) values used in the analysis?

Please update to the newest version, e.g., v9.164.

Thank you. It’s OK now.