Replicating structural elements in FLAC3D


Is there any way to replicate a group of structural elements by a certain distance in any direction?


It’s not clear to me what you want to archive. Can you be more specific?

For instance, we define a group of piles in a 3D model. We want to copy and paste them to the distance of 50m in X direction without changing their relative distances of each other. Is there any easier way to do that than defining the piles for their new location from the beginning?

There is no direct command to do that in FLAC3D. You can write a FISH function as following:
For each pile in the given group, generate a new pile at a distance from the original one with the command
"structure pile create by-line [v1] [v2]" where v1,v2 are the positions of the two ends.
Then copy the properites from the original one to the new one using the fish funcition “structure.pile.prop(…)

Thank you very much.