Is there anyway to attach new liner element to existing shell/liner?


Unfortunately I could not find any command for this. is there anyway to attach liner structural element to existing shell/liner (with interface in between)?

I’m using Version 7.0.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @roozbeh , if I understand correctly, you can use “strutcure node join”, while setting same id-num for every liner element.

Thanks @Xiang for reply. I’m familiar with “structure node join” command. I don’t want to rigidly join the node. I simply want to create new layer of liner element on top of existing liner element and specify interface in between. Currently it seems liner element can only be created next to the zone (with interface in between) and unfortunately can’t find any command to connect it to another liner element.


following with interest. when i have previously modelled multi-layer composite liners, i have modelled the outer layer(s) with volume elements and only the inner layer as liner shell elements. it’s not ideal though.

Thanks @jmswdmn, yes I’ve done it before myself but for this case I need to use liner-liner interface element.

it easily can be done in FLAC2D. It doesn’t seem to be implemented in 3D version yet. I guess FLAC3D team needs to include it to the latest version or maybe they are already working on it.

A possible, but potentially tedious approach, is to set deformable node-to-node links to model interface behavior in a FISH function. These links would account for normal and shear forces, as well as coupling between them.