Block assembly size distribution

Is there a way to assemble tetrahedral or voronoi blocks with different sizes at specific points (a specific point from where the size of the voronoi blocks are smallest and increases in size with distance from the point) in a single geometry? (not zones since I use rigid blocks) Is there a special command for doing it? I used max-edge, min-edge, gradation but its not like I can choose the point where I want to be small and size increases with distance from the point. Isolated point command only work on zones. And I also used size-volume command but its always from the center which I don’t want. So is there a way to do it from a chosen point? Thank you.

You can make the tetrahedral zones (using isolated point for example) and then export them as blocks using the BLOCK ZONE LIST POLY command. I don’t think there is a way you can do this for voronois, other than perhaps using a different voronoi generator (try NEPER).

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