Connection between clump and parallel bonds in PFC3D v6

Hi everyone,

I am working on modeling a column which is simulated as a group of connected particles using parallel bonds between them to model a flexible structure, and I want to model the foundation as a single pile, and this pile is modeled as a hollow cylinder formed of pebbles as a single one clump. I need to make both the pile and column connected in PFC so that contacts are bonded together. Is there a way or method to do that. I am using python in my modeling approach on PFC. I greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

Hello @Ahmed2021,
You can use the contact cmat default type ... command. After type, use the keywork ball-pebble. You can then assign any contact model that includes bonding, such as the parallel bond model. Here I am assuming the pile is comprised of clumps and the column in comprised of balls.

Hi @dblanksma
Thank you so much for your reply. So, the pile consists of pebbles created in one clump pointer. The steel top column is formed from a number of large balls (one ball on each row) to constitute the structure and those balls are connected through parallel bonds. Is it the same procedure in that case if we have multiple pebbles in one clump created. Thank you for your help and time. I appreciate it.

I also want to point out that this pile (composed of pebbles forming it) will be embedded within a granular assembly of particles, so defining a parallel bond between ball and pebbles would extend in that way to the whole domain which is not what I want. I just need bonding between the glued particles and the pebbles. Thank you so much.