Contact between two clumps

I am trying to get a contact model between two clumps but they are not made from pebbles (one is made from an RBlock and the other from a ball). Is it possible to give the range keyword while using cmat for this contact? I face an error (unused extra parameter (range) found on command line) while adding the range keyword.


Hello @mehrdad,

I am not sure what you mean by clumps not being made of pebbles. In PFC, clumps can only be comprised of pebbles. If these are clumps, you can use the type pebble-pebble specifier. If the two pieces are rblock and ball, then you can use the type ball-rblock specifier.

The range keyword cannot be given with the contact cmat default command.

Thank you for your response, I used rblock clump and ‘ball clump’ commands to create the clumps.

Hello @mehrdad,

In that case using the type specifier pebble-pebble should work since the command rblock clump and ball clump turn those pieces into pebbles.

Hello @dblanksma
Unfortunately pebble-pebble type specifier does not detect the contacts. Using the contact type option on the graphical menu shows the contacts are not pebble-pebble but ball-rblock.
Thank you

In that case you can use ball-rblock type specifier in the contact cmat default ... command.

Thank you for your help