How to define ball clump contacts in PFC

Hi everyone,

I have a model consisting of an assembly of balls and within this assembly, I am creating pebbles arranged on a certain path. When I let the model run to reach equilibruim, the balls penetrate through the pebbles without being arranged around it. The clump particles represent a hole in the assembly however the balls are not identifying the clump particles at all even though I defined ball-pebble contact linear model. Is there anything I am missing. I am grateful for any help.

Is there any suggestions please how to include ball-clump interface and the proper values of the used parameters.

Did you specify a ball-pebble default contact type in the cmat? In Help in Documentation see PFC > Examples > Tutorials > Using the CMAT for a good example on this topic.

Thank you for your comment. I did check this example however it never mention contact model between ball-pebble at all. I tried on my own several tries to define it however the clumps are randomly distributed over the domain space. I don’t know the right procedure to define them. I hope you can help me out. Thanks again

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