Coupling of FLAC2D and PFC2D 6.0025

Can the structure elements in FLAC2D 6.0 such as cables be coupled with the balls in PFC2D 6.0? i want to use the cable elements in FLAC2D 6.0 to reinforce the balls in PFC2D 6.0.

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Hello Xiongyu,

Currently, FLAC2D does not have structural elements implemented. This is something that will be added when FLAC2D is officially released later this year. Coupling FLAC2D structural elements with PFC2D will come later.

When running PFC2D 6.0, the supported modules that can by loaded from FLAC2D are Zone and Extruder. Basically, this mean you can create zones in PFC2D and run the extruder, but there will not be any coupling between zones and any PFC2D object.

Keep in mind full coupling for PFC3D and FLAC3D is implemented and you can view examples here - Examples Index — PFC 6.0 documentation

Hello dblanksma
Thank you for this information.

@xiongyu Just to clarify, when you mentioned FLAC2D, are you talking about FLAC (classic older version) or actual FLAC2D that is under development now?

Hello apyatigorets
I mean the FLAC2D (classic older version), which is some FLAC 2D plugins loaded into PFC2D 6.0 version.