Crushable particles using Rblock templates

Is it possible to create an assembly of breakable particles using Rblocks with parallel bonds in PFC 7 3D? The manual has an example ( Simple Rigid Block Bonded-Block Modeling (BBM)) which does this for a single Rblock but is it possible to do this for an assembly? If so, can you please tell me the approach.
Thank you very much

Hello Mehrdad,

The example you refer to, “Simple Rigid Block Bonded-Block Model (BBM)” is not a single rblock. It is an assembly of rblocks all of tetrahedral shape that are bonded together to create the cylindrical specimen. The contact model used to make the bonds in this example is the Soft Contact Model.

That being said, the short answer to your question is yes you can make an assembly of rblocks to represent particle breakage. You can use any contact model you wish. The example above does exactly this, with the assembly of rblocks being a cylindrical specimen used for UCS and direct tension testing.

Thank you for your reply. I actually want to create an assembly of these cylinders created in “Simple Rigid Block Bonded-Block Model (BBM)” as soil particles which can break when in contact with each other under force. Such as what we have with clusters. Basically I want to create a number of breakable clusters from Rblocks instead of balls. Is this also possible?
Thank you

I don’t see any reason why this would not be possible. I can’t speak to its applicability to modeling soil, but in theory yes you can use rblocks similar to how clusters were made in the PFC Ribbon Blender example.

Thank you for your help