Disc Cutting Action - Positioning of Disc, Disc Cutter Motion

Good day everyone,

  1. I am modelling using a disc cutter to cut a rock around a circular radius. I have built the rock model using the guidelines seen in the PFC 7.0 Documentation.

  2. I have created the disc cutter and saved same in stl format. I tried using
    geometry import “file.stl” position a b c … to import the file.

However, I can not see the cutter positioned on the rock.

A. Please, I would want to know how to import this stl file and position same on the rock surface as is shown in the attached document. I would like to have the disc positioned some distance away from the centre of rotation.
Scenario_Explanation.pdf (260.6 KB)

B. I want to also know how I can apply the following conditions
1. Downward force at the centre of the cutter (Weight on Bit)
2. Rotation of the cutter around its axis of rotation
3. Rotation of the cutter around the z-axis (drillstring centre of rotation).

C. Track the force or stress changes as cutting progresses.

Please, also see the BPM, I am unable to upload the stl file.
1_Unbonded Sample.txt (1.1 KB)
2_FJ.txt (1.3 KB)

Thank you very much for your kind support. I do appreciate your time.

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Hello Judith,

This question is a bit out of the scope for this forum. I suggest you send this question to PFCsupport@itascacg.com.


Hi Derrick,

Thank you very much.
I am grateful.

I will do as you advised.

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