Domain-servo issue

hello everyone!
I try to conduct the some triaxial tests of the granular material under the large strain rate. At initial stage, I find that the domain-servo will be more adaptive to this issue than the wall-servo. However, although the domain-servo is used, the lateral stress couldn’t be constrained in an acceptable value(error<4%?) and improve quickly(shear-rate:2% inertial number:0.05). so is there any approach to make this loading possible?
In addition, I also modify the servo gain here, but not good.

Any comments will be much appreciated

Hello @LJYpyu,
It’s difficult to say what the solution to your problem is without seeing your model. I’d suggest sending this to, along with the relevant data files. Also, looking at the documentation there is an example that using periodic boundaries and a FISH servo that my help with your modeling questions - Genesis and Testing of a Soft-Bonded Material — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation

Thanks for the reply, this problem has been solved. thanks for your attention! And the documentation is benefit here