Servo mechanism for multiple walls

Hey everyone,

this question is somehow related to this topic (History for facets - #4 by dblanksma). I have modeled the pile now creating different walls. I have assigned all the walls to the group “pile”. Now, I want to apply a servo-mechanism on the whole pile to conduct a load test. However, although the servo-mechanism is applied on all walls, it is not applied on the whole pile as an one unit. Thus, the walls move not in-sync (photo attached below) Does anybody know how to handle this issue?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Nick,
we are looking into this.
You will hear back from us soon.

Hello Nick,

I am not sure why the walls are moving apart. My guess is you may gave made separate walls and they each have a different servo condition. Could you share how you created your walls?

Dear dblanksma,
I have seen the same issue in one of my simulations.

I have tried to sum it up in one simple example (I have mocked up the footing example from the manual for that).

I have created a group of walls that would all move in line when beeing pushed down into an assembly of balls using the “wall attribute velocity-y” command but wouldnt do so when a servo mechanism is beeing used applying a load in the same direction.

Maybe there is some basic thing that Nick and I are missing here?

Thank you very much!


Bottom_Wall_Stress.dat (2.0 KB)
Wall_Displacement.dat (9.1 KB)
footing_2D.dat (4.9 KB)