Servo mechanism for multiple walls

Hey everyone,

this question is somehow related to this topic (History for facets - #4 by dblanksma). I have modeled the pile now creating different walls. I have assigned all the walls to the group “pile”. Now, I want to apply a servo-mechanism on the whole pile to conduct a load test. However, although the servo-mechanism is applied on all walls, it is not applied on the whole pile as an one unit. Thus, the walls move not in-sync (photo attached below) Does anybody know how to handle this issue?
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Hi Nick,
we are looking into this.
You will hear back from us soon.

Hello Nick,

I am not sure why the walls are moving apart. My guess is you may gave made separate walls and they each have a different servo condition. Could you share how you created your walls?

Dear dblanksma,
I have seen the same issue in one of my simulations.

I have tried to sum it up in one simple example (I have mocked up the footing example from the manual for that).

I have created a group of walls that would all move in line when beeing pushed down into an assembly of balls using the “wall attribute velocity-y” command but wouldnt do so when a servo mechanism is beeing used applying a load in the same direction.

Maybe there is some basic thing that Nick and I are missing here?

Thank you very much!


Bottom_Wall_Stress.dat (2.0 KB)
Wall_Displacement.dat (9.1 KB)
footing_2D.dat (4.9 KB)

Dear Derrick, dear Nick,
is this issue solved already?


I have not checked @Mussie data files. If @nibel22 finds your solution satisfactory I think we can call it resolved.

Dear Derrick,
this seems to be a missunderstanding.

As I am seeing the same problem within my simulations right now, I have just provided files that display the same issue of separately moving walls when using a servo mechanism (an illustrative example similar to the case that Nick is explaining) - I havent provided a solution.


Hey @Mussie, sorry for the miscommunication. I assumed you had resolved this issue. I will look into it.

– Derrick

Thank you very much Derrick!


Hello @Mussie,

I found that if you add the one-wall keyword to the foundation walls they will behave as a single wall and not separate when loading with servo conditions. I am not sure if you have tried this, but it may be worth trying.

– Derrick

Thank you Derrick! The one-wall keyword worked fine for me.

Sorry for the late response - I was offline for some time.