History for facets

Hey everyone,

I want to simulate a pile penetration process in 2D with a pipe pile and need the information of the contact forces of the different parts of the pile (tip, shaft). I have modelled the pile as two boxes. To make sure that the parts of the wall keep together, I used the keyword “one-wall”. However, now I seem to only being able to acces the contact force of the whole “box”. Does anybody know how to get the history of the single facets?
Thank you in advance!


Hi Nick,

You can create the pile using different walls, not necessarily using the “onewall” keyword . Another trick to use is to create measuring spheres in the vicinity if the tip and the shaft to get the stresses/strains.


Dear Nick,
unfortunately there is no way to get the history of specific facets. So that I have to agree with Karam using different ways to evaluate is probably your best option.

Hello Nick,
One possibility for creating a history for a specific facet would be to create a FISH history (doc here). This would require looping through all contacts on the specific facet, summing the forces and writing the result to your FISH history.
This could become computationally inefficient if there are many contacts on the facet (as the FISH history will be called every ten cycles). If quick computation is important, you could consider using FISH operators (doc here).

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