FLAC2D Launch Upcoming

Just saw that FLAC will be phased out and a new replacement called FLAC2D is going to be launched shortly. Will all CPPUDMs already compiled for FLAC have to be recompiled for FLAC2D? In particular we use PM4Sand and PM4Silt which are available for FLAC, but presumably not for FLAC2D.

Hello Douglas,

That is correct. The PM4Sand and PM4Silt constitutive models will need to be rebuilt for FLAC2D.

Since these are modules built by 3rd parties (Katerina Ziotopoulou at UC Davis), that would mean they will have to recompile the DLL code and provide an updated version. Has Itasca reached out to Katerina (or others for different modules) to provide any necessary input to do this?

Hello Doug, let me reach out to our FLAC2D product manger regarding this issue.

Hi Douglas,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. UDMs developed for for FLAC will have to be recompiled for FLAC2D to account for changes in the development environment. However, you should not worry about this as FLAC is not going to be phased out abruptly or any time soon. We will continue supporting FLAC for quite a while, and our goal is to gradually transition most of FLAC functionalities into FLAC2D, which will take some time. In the meanwhile, we are planing to contact Katerina Ziotopoulou and ask to update the models. Feel free to get in touch with us again (maybe after FLAC2D is released) to check on the status of this issue.

Hey thanks, that sounds like a good plan. Can I suggest making the same kind of outreach to Ernie Naesgaard and Peter Byrne for UBCSand and UBCHyst, as well as the folks associated with Wang2D and NTUASand models? In particular, the UBCSand and UBCHyst models are fairly widely used and we utilize them often.