Gateway error: no available seats for this license


Often when working in FLAC3D, after running a few data files, I tend to run into the following error:

This happens sometimes when I execute lines within a data file with the Cntrl+Shift+E command.

It takes about 10 minutes to find the license again, which is quite frustrating. Any advice to avoid this error or to be able to fetch the license faster would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Windows 10 Pro. Cheers,

Please update to the newest version v700.152.

Also make sure no more than two instances using this license are running; and, the network communication is good.

I looked at the logs for your license for the last couple of days, and I see two “timeouts” in between an orderly series of claim/release pairs. I agree with @cheng that it could be your network connection. Whenever you execute a data file, you “claim” your single seat, and when the execution stops, the seat is “released”. Most likely, your network connection dropped, so we didn’t see the end of the execution and therefore didn’t record the “release”. We do have a heartbeat check for the license and after a while of not detecting a connection, the seat is released automatically.
I will look a little closer after the weekend and come back with updates if I can find more information or suggestions for what to do about this.

@cheng’s suggestion to upgrade is important, too. The license time and heartbeat functionality has been improved, so that should solve some of the timeouts as well.

Hello, thank you for your suggestions. It looks like the .152 update helped! i havent had an issue since updating.