Gridpoints become inactive/deleted after block deletion

I am creating a indirect tensile test sample (figure given below).

When the region beyond the circle is not deleted, the gridpoints at the bottom block are active (shown as yellow in figure below)

However, when I remove the blocks outside the circle, the gridpoints become inactive (or deleted may be not sure). I have removed the block using block delete range atblock fx fy. Given below is the figure. I am saying this because when I use block gridpoint apply velocity-y xxx range pos-x fx fy pos-y fx fy, then it is not applying the required velocity. Whereas if I apply without deleting this region, then the velocity is getting applied. Kindly provide your suggestions. Thank you

The reason it happened is because after deleting the neighbouring blocks near the circle, UDEC is treating the top and bottom blocks gridpoints as internal rather than external. Hence block gridpoint apply-interior velocity-y command works in this case. However, when I copied the same commands and made a new project, UDEC treated the same points as external and I had to use block gridpoint apply velocity-y. I find this little weird and dont know why is it happening.