Guide to use itasca python module in an external environment or IDE


I would like to know if anyone has used the itasca module in an external python environment/IDE. My goal is to use other python tools/libraries/modules to pre or post-process kernel (FLAC3D or others with itasca module) results.

Thanks in advanced.


Hi Gian,

I suppose this will be difficult and I don’t have a direct answer. But maybe in the meantime I can suggest an alternative, which is basically the other way around: Installing your other modules/libraries into the Python distribution of FLAC3D and using it directly in there (and thus having access to the itasca module). I have had some success installing and working with third-party modules (e.g. numba in my case), but some attempts have also wrecked my FLAC3D installation, so beware :sweat_smile: