Help needed...Initialize stress for equillibrium (mohr-coulomb layer below modified cam clay layers)

Hello @itascan @everyone
I am trying to model a pile in the soft soil (modified cam clay model) with its end slightly embedded into a relatively siffer layer (Gravel, i.e mohr-coulomb model). I am able to initialize the stress condition in the modified cam clay model using the ‘func’ as attached but for bottom layer (mohr-coulomb), I am not able to initialize stress condition.
I tried to do it from manual calculation and using table for that range group but it is not working. Also 'zone initialize stress ’ command didn’t work…
how would you all apply initial stress condition in such such for the bottom layer as shown in the attached photographs?

In the code you provided you initialize the stresses with the zone initialize-stresses ratio command. This initializes the stresses in all zones and your FISH function just sets Cam-Clay properties based on this initial state of stress. The command will also initialize the stresses in the Mohr-Coulomb material. I am really unsure what you mean by zone initialize stress command does not work?

Also, here is a good forum post that may help you - Inialization of principal stresses for plastic-hardening model

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Thank you for clearing out my confusion.

I just would like to add that zone initialize-stresses initializes stresses based on gravitational loading and overburden stress, if any.

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