Help with sending and email from Flac3d


I’m trying to send an email from a gmail account. But I can’t. Is there something wrong with the fish?

Also ‘program mail from’ command cant be recognized by Flac3d

program mail account

command changes the ‘from’ in the options.


program mail domain ‘
program mail host ‘
program mail port 587
program mail account ‘’
program mail from ‘’
program mail password ‘*******’
program mail add to ‘’
program mail body string ‘test’
program mail subject ‘test’
program mail send


According to Itasca’s documentation, the from is optional and set with the account value by default.

Did you try without this line?




The command line doesn’t recognize the ‘from’ command, and it doesn’t work with Gmail. I tried without it but the main problem is that I can’t send an email. Could this be because of SSL/TSL protocols?


It seems like Google closed the access from smtp protocoles due to security concerns.

I wanted to bypass the problem by using Python, and I ran accross this answer.

The thing is, the solution proposed by the poster above is not available anymore.
There seems to be a solution by configuring an app password in Gmail.

Hopefully, it will solve your problem!


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Hi Theophile,

Thanks. I worked with fish functions and workarounds from your links. Now I can send emails when the analysis is finished :slight_smile:


That’s good, thanks for the feedback!