How to toggle plot items via command

Hello guys,

Quick question, suppose I have a plot with different plot item, say zone stress and zone strain. I could not find a way to toggle display/hiding of these items to export them via command. Do you know any way of doing this?


Hello Gian,
If I understood your request, you want to export different plot items from the same plot.
I propose that you duplicate your plot, show the plot item of interest in each plot window then use plot export command — FLAC3D 7.0 documentation (
I hope I could help.

Thank you @Zakaria , that would work. I wanted to avoid creating to many plot files, but it should work.

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You can use the command: PLOT ITEM n ACTIVE OFF, where n is the number of the plot item. So, for example, if you have a plot with zones and vectors, give the command “plot item 2 active off” to hide the vectors.

Hi @jhazzard , flac3D says that item can only CREATE, DELETE or MODIFY

any alternative?

Sorry - the syntax is PLOT ITEM MODIFY 1 ACTIVE OFF

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Thanks @jhazzard, it worked perfectly.