Plotting when using a user built model

Hi there,

I am using a user-built model in FLAC3D. I would like to plot the zone contour of a particular variable defined in the model. Does anyone know the syntax in the version 5 of FLAC, please?

I triel plot bcont “variable_name”, it seems not working.

Thank you!

If the variable is defined as a property in your UDM, it can be plotted from the zone contour of property and then select this property name from the property list.

BTW, why using this old version which was released 10+ years ago. We no longer provide technical support nor have routine maintenance for this old version. I even did not install this old version on my machine.

THANK YOU A LOT @cheng. It works.

I wish I didn’t have to use the 5th version. I find it very old fashion too. But my UDM is written for version 5. To adapt it to the version 7 demands me a time I cannot afford (I do not know C++ sufficiently) as I have a work to submit by 27th of june.

If you can do it easily, I can give you the script of the version 5 so you can translate it to the 7th version iff you want.