Inconsistency between manual, error message and actual command

I believe there is inconsistency between manual, command and error message given by FLAC3D. Based on the manual, here is the command I’m using to track stress strength ratio:

zone history name ‘Hist -SSR’ stress-strength-ratio position (-30,-4,-40)

but program pops up an error message and tells me that parameter “stress-strength-ratio” is wrong and the current one is “strength-stress-ratio” as highlighted in the attached figure. But I still receive an error message even when I use the recommended name provided in the error message.

I finally managed to make it work by simply using the short name for the parameter (i.e. s-s-r). I think there is a typo somewhere in the parser that cause the program does not recognize the full name for this command. The accepted command looks like this:

zone history name ‘Hist -SSR’ s-s-r position (-30,-4,-40)

Thanks for the report. We will make correction so that they are consistent.