Model termination during initial loading phase

Hi everyone,

I have a problem I can not solve for over 2 weeks. I’m working on confined tests with different confining pressure values. I’m using the material support package and did not change any material properties provided by the package itself, only changed material size, test type and confining pressure. Please take a look at the attached files stress-strain graphs and console logs.

As far as I understand, PFC terminates the loading stage confining pressure values with 10 MPa and more by calling “fish callback remove @_ctUpdate_wsdMax 42.11” command. I have no idea what 42.11 is. It seems to me that something is happening initial part of the loading which leads to the termination of the test.

I used 2 different workstations, re-install software and run everything from the beginning but got the same results. I tried both PBM and FJM but same. Everything seems fine with 5MPa and lower confining pressure values.

Solutions I tried;

  • Change material shape (cubic, cylindrical)
  • Change loading rate
  • Change cmat type (PBM and FJM)
  • Change ct_loadFac (0.8 to 0.1)
  • Change ball size and number (3000 to 100000)

You can also download the file I’m working on from link below;

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


10MPa.txt (8.2 KB)

20MPa.txt (8.7 KB)

Hello Enes,

This question maybe out of the scope of a user forum. Could you please send your question to


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I already filled “Software Technical Support Request” form. Do I still have to send it to ?