No ItascaProjectTemplates.vsix found in 3DEC 7.00

Can anyone provide me the ItascaProjectTemplates.vsix for user-defined library? I cannot seemed to find the said file in the PluginFiles directory.

It seems that the vsix file didn’t get included with the latest update. I attach it here. (15.2 KB)

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Thank you so much for templates! Yeah I thought I was the only one who didn’t get the files with the latest update.

Hi Jim. Sorry for my multiple replies. Is it possible to also obtain the Itasca Joint Constitutive Model Template for Visual Studio as well? I saw that there is such file in the itasca user-defined constitutive manual, as seen in the attached figure.


I’m looking into this. I’m not sure what happened to the templates. In the short term, you can take the example project (C:\Program Files\Itasca\3DEC700\PluginFiles\jmodels\example) and just change the name.

OK - this will be fixed in the next update of Version 7.