Plotting using interface

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How can we use the interface to plot ‘one history item’ vs “another item”. the default is vs the “step”. I want to show another history item instead of ‘step’
Screenshot 2024-05-07 185738

To do this, enter the number corresponding to the “Histories” list (1 thru n) above the “Series”. For example (see screenshot below), by plotting Series 6 vs “6” (itself) you get a linear relationship. But you can substitute “Vs” with any value from 1 through 9. In the latest UI the values are listed along side the history variable. But even if numbers aren’t shown in your software version, just count by row.

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I’m sorry if I’m overlooking but have you tried writing down name ‘time’ or any other history string name? I see you are writing ‘5’ but instead you should use the naming of history.

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Thank you very much… I misunderstood it initially, now it is fine.