Trivial question on plotting data from table and history

How to plot a table and history data together in a plot. I tried the following command line, however I can see the axes labels overlap one over the other. Is there a way out? Please be of assistance. Thanks.

table 1 name ‘Experimental data’
plot create plot Comparison
plot add table 1 linestyle color black
plot add hist 5 y vs 6 x xaxis label ‘Axial strain’ yaxis label ‘Axial Stress’

You need to export the history to a table, and then plot the two tables together. I can’t remember the command in 5.2, but I’m sure it’s possible.

Sure. I get it. Many thanks @jhazzard.

You can also try to set the x- and y-range of both plots to be fixed to the same values. This way both legends (most times) overlap exactly and it appears as one plot. This is more useful than exporting, since you can observe it during model runs.

Many thanks, @markus. That’s a helpful solution.