Printing of new values using User-Defined Constitutive Model

Hello everyone,
I need to ask about cpp file of e.g. Strain Softening Model. Is there a way in which I can use things like std::cout etc. to print some values in FLAC?
Is there some way to do this for each step/zone?
For eg in this code snippet
if (iPlas != 0) {
s->viscous_ = false; // inhibit viscous strains
s->stnS_ = info.resolve(prin);// transform back to refrence frame
/* — hadRdening padRameter accumulation — /
if (iPlas==1) {
— shear padRameter — /
Double dDe1p = dFsurf * sF1_;
Double dDe3p = dFsurf * sF3_;
Double dDepa = d1d3 * (dDe1p + dDe3p);
dDe1p -= dDepa;
dDe3p -= dDepa;
s->working_[Dqs] += sqrt(0.5 * (dDe1p
dDe1p+dDepadDepa+dDe3pdDe3p)) * s->getSubZoneVolume(); //(2.141)

How to print s->working_[Dqs]

As far as I know, there is no easy interface to write to the GUI from a DLL. A couple of years ago an Itascan gave us some pointers by which we were able to write to the GUI using the iprogram interface, but this was a nightmare to set up.
For debugging purposes I would therefore recommend to either do the “old school” writing to a log file or to step through the code using the Debugger linked to the FLAC application.