Python API "itasca.dfn" does not work in PFC2D

The command itasca.dfn works seamlessly in PFC3D. However, when I attempt to use it in PFC2D, I encounter an error: “AttributeError: module ‘itasca’ has no attribute ‘dfn’”. Could you advise on the correct usage of this command in PFC2D?
Version Information: PFC2D Version 7.00 Release 159
Thank you.

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Hello @pprasad,
PFC2D 7.00.159 should have the dfn module automatically loaded. I just checked and I was able to produce a dfn without issue. Could you check if the module is loaded by to Tools > Plugins and Load module with the Engine selected?


Hello @dblanksma, I loaded the module manually and it works. Thank you.