Reseting displacements but not small strains

I am modeling a rockfill dam under seismic loads using the plastic hardening model with small strains. The dam is built under a given construction sequence, which generates strains and modulus degradation. I would like to be able to reset the deformations after the end of construction without reseting the modulus to G0, which appears to happend if I use

zone gridpoint ini disp (0,0,0)

as this does reset the strain increments and makes my model stiffer. Is there a way I can reset the deformations without reseting the strains or maybe just not reset the modulus to its initial values?

Thank you in advance,

You can store displacements in an extra (or in a list) before running the dynamic analysis. When you want to post-process and plot the incremental displacements during seismic loading, you simply subtract the stored values from the current displacements.