Triaxial test simulation

I am trying to simulate a triaxial test on a soil specimen. But as soon as we apply the confining pressure, the top and bottom plates vanish. I have attached the data file. Please suggest the required corrections. It would be very helpful.

belheine_triaxial test.dat (5.3 KB)

Hey Prerna,

you can have a look at this Material model support package which is provided by Itasca itself on their web page ( In the ZIP file you can find the models. The other PDF files serve as explanatory help to understand the models. You can compare the triaxial test of this model to yours or you just use the provided model.


Thank you for the reply. I looked into the material modeling files. I tried to understand and run the triaxial model, but the issue still exists. Also, I am not familiar with the fish language. Could you help me understand if there is any error in the code? I have shared the data file in the previous question, if you could take a look at it, it would be of great help.