Trivial question: How to use component-id in the case of many cable elements

Hello everybody,

In my model I have a net of cable elements and need to partially grout some of them.
How to select, let’s say component-id 10 of element id 5. For example:
struct cable create by-line (5.53, 8.88, 66.1) (5.53, 8.88, 106) id 5 segments 10
structure cable property density 7.8 cross-section-area 3.14e-4 young 2.1e8 yield-tension 63 grout-stiffness 1000 grout-cohesion 1000 range id 5 ; now only component-id 10 of cable 5 should be selected

For the {struct cable property} command, use range component-id 10.

Thanks for the advice!
But for me, it only works if I have a single cable element.
See screenshot. If I use only “component-id 10”, how “struct cable property” command recognize that component-id 10 is part of the element id 5 (for example)? In the case of many elements “range component-id 10” gives me an error. Sorry if I misspelled something.

Hi Damir,
The component-id is unique. You cannot have two structural elements having the same component-id.
Anyway “range component-id” should work even if you have multiple cables.
You can check out visually how your components-ids are distrubuted in your model by assigning to an extra of the cable element its “component-id” and plotting the cable’s extra.

Thanks Rima!

Hint works fine!