Importing cables from geometry file

when importing a group of cables from a geometry file (dxf) all cable elements are given the same ID, despite being separate open curves within rhino.

i understand this logic is used to control joining of end nodes with other structural elements. however, whilst it is possible to see see individual component IDs of nodes, it makes it difficult to extract and analyse data for each cable, as when extracting data, its not clear which cable element the nodes/segments belong. am i missing something? or should i write a function to assign my IDs for each cable element to the extra() property based on pos() or similar?

Hello @jmswdmn,

I couldn’t find a solution either, so I suggest doing what I did to extract results for each cable. First, you need to determine how many segments you have defined for your cables. Then, you can write a Python loop to group the segments of each cable.

If the number of segments changes, you can use filters.

PS: The segments in the CSV file are sorted by cable. (Let’s assume you have 4 segments per cable; the first 4 rows represent the segments of the first cable, and then it continues with a step of 4.)

I hope this helps!

I think you can write a small function to generate cables from the geometry set. We need to find all connected edges (there are some built-in function to get connected edges) and assign each group with a different id.