Compatibility of Microparameters Between PFC3D and PFC2D

I have recently conducted the calibration of a concrete specimen using PFC3D and am now attempting to apply the calibrated microparameters to the 2D version. Unfortunately, I have encountered some discrepancies in the results.

Would anyone be able to clarify whether microparameters calibrated in PFC3D can be directly used in PFC2D? In my case, the results were different when I tried this approach. Is there a specific mechanism or modification that I must apply to make the 3D microparameters compatible with the 2D environment? Alternatively, could this discrepancy indicate an error in my calibration process?

Any insights or guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Dear vonline,
I am afraid but I dont think that using the microparameters from 3D simulations for the application for 2D cases makes sense in this respect.

Would it be possible for you to calibrate in 2D again? - I assume its best here to use different parameter sets for 2 and 3D respectively.

Please consider that the 2D case essentially consists of rods with unit thickness which is quiet different in many aspects to the 3D case.



Dear Mussie,
Thank you for your insights. I understand that the calibration results for 3D cannot be directly applied to 2D due to the differing assumptions between PFC3D and 2D. However, I’m curious to know if there’s any correlation or relationship between these two. Is it always necessary to calibrate them in separate environments?

Best regards,

Dear Vahid,
unfortunately - as of now I dont know of any correlation between the two - I only know cases where they have been calibrated seperately.

Best regards,