Modeling Fibers in PFC for Fiber Reinforced Concrete


I’m currently working on a project involving the simulation of fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) using Particle Flow Code (PFC). I have a couple of pressing questions and would greatly appreciate your insights:

1-Fiber Modeling in PFC: Is it essential to explicitly model the fibers in PFC for FRC, or can they be abstracted and considered as microparameters? If so, could someone provide insights or references on how this abstraction might be carried out effectively?

2-Capability of PFC2D: I’m also curious about the capabilities of PFC2D in this context. Is it possible to model fibers directly within PFC2D, and if yes, are there any specific methodologies or guidelines that one should follow?

Any guidance, resources, or experiences shared would be invaluable to my research. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Warm regards,